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European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming

Social Programme

28/7: Workshop reception

Place, time: Botanical Gardens in Uppsala, 17.30–20.00

The Workshop Reception is held on Monday 28/7 in the Botanical Gardens of Uppsala, see #3 on the map on Page 59 in the printed programme (pdf). The reception opens at 17.30 and includes a lighter meal, some complimentary wine, with the option of topping up at the bar which takes cash and credit cards. Depending on how hungry you are, you might want to wander off to a restaurant in downtown Uppsala following the reception.

31/7: Banquet, sponsored by Spotify

Place, time: Spotify HQ in Stockholm, 19.00–0.00

The banquet will be held in the Spotify headquarters in downtown Stockholm. Busses will be picking us up outside the conference venue, and drive back on a flexible schedule later in the evening. Snacks and drinks will be served already on the bus, to prevent you from starving or dehydration. See separate sheet in conference bag for details.
Banquet Speech: "Category Theory As A Digestif: A Tribute to Joachim Lambek (1922-2014)"

Erik Meijer, Applied Duality Inc./TU Delft

Category Theory is the Mathematicians' interpretation of interface-based design, so whenever you hack together a new API in your favourite OO language, it is always a smart idea to ask (XXX->"What would XXX do?") applied to the Category Theorist that worked on your same problem already decades ago. Since lambda expressions are the new hot topic all across programming language land these days, we will invoke our question of conscience with "Joachim Lambek" and learn that Java 8 lambdas and method references are simply a Cartesian Closed Category, proving yet again that interfaces are the OO developers' interpretation of Category Theory.


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